We Can’t Wait Facebook Group for Auto Crash Survivors 

We Can’t Wait is a Facebook Advocacy Group for auto crash survivors, their families, and supporters formed in the spring of 2021 when a 45% reimbursement cap on vital services for catastrophically injured crash survivors went into effect as part of the 2019 changes to Michigan’s auto insurance law. Since the law took effect in July 2021, the reimbursement cap has forced over 100 care providers to go out of business or discharge patients, leaving many survivors without nurses or caregivers and with nowhere to go for the 24/7 care they require. Thousands have had this care cruelly ripped away and lost vital services and therapies. Some have died as a result. This is a healthcare crisis, and it is only getting worse. The law that slashes reimbursements for catastrophic care by 45% and limits family care to 56 hours a week is a direct assault on the lives and dignity of auto crash victims. The majority of lawmakers support a fix to this law but bills are being stonewalled by Mike Shirkey Senate Majority Leader, Lana Theis Senate Insurance and Finance Committee Chair and House Speaker Jason Wentworth who said in March he would not allow a change and it was time to “move on”. We Can’t Wait works to raise awareness about this growing crisis. You are in our website www.wecantwaitmi.org so please browse and visit our Facebook Group We Can’t Wait to learn more.  

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Facebook page: We Can’t Wait MI

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This affects all Michigan drivers and future crash victims – it could happen to you!

For years, Michigan’s no-fault system offered unparalleled health care for crash victims. Now, most motorists will be woefully underinsured and will not be able to afford needed rehabilitation or therapy. In addition, the new law’s arbitrary fee schedule requires care providers and rehabilitation centers to slash the rates they charge insurance companies by nearly half, forcing most to either close their doors or not accept auto insurance patients. There will be no one there to help when you need it. With Auto No-Fault gutted, auto crash victims have limited access to needed care, at fault drivers face new financial risks, and the thousands injured on Michigan roads each year won’t find the resources to recover to lead meaningful, productive lives.  Find more information at https://protectnofault.org.